Lawrence, Kansas

Mar Lan Construction was selected as the CM at Risk for the new Lawrence Humane Society Animal Shelter. The facility replaces the existing Animal Shelter and is located on the same site with the existing facility remaining open until the new Shelter is completed.

The new facility is masonry construction with architectural highlights that include frit glass, Nichiha siding, aluminum composite wall panels, and metal siding. The state-of-the-art HVAC systems provide a healthy environment for the animals as well as the staff and visitors. All LED lighting throughout the facility provides reduced power consumption and lower energy bills.

The building contains dog isolation and quarantine areas, a behavior clinic, surgery, x-ray, ICU, and general treatment areas. The dog adoption areas are designed to provide a friendly and welcoming viewing area for clients to view and interact with dogs for adoption, as well as an outdoor dog park where animals can run and interact with potential families. Those wishing to adopt cats will find the Get Acquainted rooms and outdoor Catio area unique spaces to bond a relationship with their prospective pet.