For their fifth restaurant remodel, Tom and Marilyn Dobski again came to Mar Lan Construction for assistance with their project.  A new look and a new décor were the objectives when they started planning for the remodel of their McDonalds’s Restaurant at 6th & Wakarusa in Lawrence. The fifteen-year-old restaurant in west Lawrence, which includes the locally famous “Playplace” for children, was given a new look both inside and out.

Another primary reason for the upgrade was the addition of a second drive-thru lane to serve the increased volume of drive-thru traffic.  Interior dining areas were enlarged, a second cook line was added in the kitchen, restrooms were remodeled, and the replacement of the Playplace “toy” were all elements of the interior renovation. The exterior elevations were enhanced by incorporating design elements featured in new McDonald’s restaurants. All of these things were accomplished with the seemingly impossible goal of never closing the currently operating restaurant for one day.