This project involved construction of a one-story, 5,000+ square foot building which houses a convenience store on one end and a McDonald’s restaurant with a drive-up window occupying the other end.

The convenience store, which is approximately 2/3 of the building, contains a retail area with a 40’ combination cooler/freezer wall, multiple display shelves, a self-serve soft drink and coffee area, and a cash register checkout center. An office and storage area is located toward the back of the building.

The McDonald’s restaurant side houses a dining room with seating capacity for 35-40 people, kitchen and food prep areas, food storage including coolers and freezers, a drive-up window and walk-up counter with menu boards and cash registers. The two stores share public restrooms.

Three fuel tanks with a shared capacity of 31,000 gallons will serve the five fuel bays under a canopy located in the front drive area of the project.